I picked up Grancrest July 2019 even though the series has been out since January 2018. Grancrest stumbled out of the gate and fell flat on its face for the first few episodes and took a long time to get it’s footing right. There are different places where I found the show good or bad, which is why I don’t consider this show absolutely trash . So it’s first episode started off very conveniently in such that Theo appears out of nowhere, beats the Lord after coming out of nowhere.

The show tried introducing it’s characters little by little, introducing us to examples like Lassic, Milza among others for the early episodes and introduced others later down the line too. It’s always good to see that not all the cast is revealed in its first episode, but unfortunately that didn’t help much because we had to make room for our Oh-so-great green haired MC, Theo. Many praised his “badassery” and his “forward-thinking” and him “not being dense and weak” and I was terribly confused since none felt true except for his dense part which was randomly and conveniently revealed in a later episode. That is the problem with the show, it’s that it’s too convenient. “Oh Theo is gonna die” but something convenient happens and he’s saved. “Oh this is gonna happen” but then to benefit Theo’s side it doesn’t and the opposite direction is taken. I mean, the show makes Theo out to be like he’s the coming of the Messiah or something.

You might say Siluca herself might be able to stand on her own as a character but unfortunately that’s not the case with most of the people in the cast. Why? It’s because all the characters are cast as stepping stones for Theo-sama to step on and take this place as the best character and biggest badass in this anime.  The music selection was needless to say, fantastic, and that’s NOTHING to say of the BGM (that’s BackGround Music to those who don’t know), it was Grancrest’s signature achievement. It sent chills down your spine and made you smile in anticipation of what’s to come. The visuals thankfully weren’t so bad in the OPs and EDs and on a personal note I loved both the EDs. You obviously may not see eye to eye with me but I loved both of them equally and served as an antidepressant for the earlier events of the episode. 

Moving back to the stepping stones, the characters. Alexis and Marrine’s “Romeo and Juliet romance”. Romeo and Juliet, the Shakespeare play didn’t focus on war as much as the romance, because surprise surprise, it’s a romance first and foremost, and another important part is that there’s tragedy involved. Does Grancrest follow any of these? No. Why is Marrine and Alexis’ romance related to Romeo and Juliet?

Grancrest does a lot of non-war things in a war show and it ruins many of the existing things relative to war shows as well. Going back to the Romeo and Juliet part, some say the Great Hall Tragedy shown in the first scene of the anime counts as tragedy but to that I say “read the original play”. In a later episode, in the final arc, the “final battle” which was hyped since the first few episodes that too, went with a POOF. 

Grancrest isn’t at all what I’d like to call a “good” show this year. It’s plot was excruciatingly convenient, the characters were made such that they were stepping stones for Theo, Marrine and Alexis’ romance was horribly handled and had a ridiculously lame “resolution” later on, the Artstyle wasn’t what I expected, the battle tactics weren’t at all present, the “final battle” was a laughable cop out, etc. the show had one or two positive points to it namely the soundtrack that was brilliantly done and Theo’s backstory was somewhat decent.