Clay County High School
Work on the two-story, 100,000-square-foot, Mechanical Renovation (High School) still underway. GRW is leading the design for this approximately $3-million,  design-bid-build project to be situated on a creek-side property near CLAY, WEST VIRGINIA.

Mechanically the Building is quite Interesting.The Space is heated and cooled with Packaged DX units (Bard Units), VRV Units and Roof Top Units. It also has two existing hot water boilers for Reheat and Space Heating.

Designing for classrooms have been challenging especially due to the high OA percentages. Having Packaged DX units inside each classroom has aleviated some of the problems encountered in a typical VAV RTU unit.

Retrofitting existing building designed in the 1980s has been quite challenging due to the fact that ventilation requirements were not given much importance back in the days. This Post will be updated once the building goes into construction