Escambia County Correctional Facility


JUNE, 2019

Work on the three-story, 300,000-square-foot, correctional facility for the Escambia County Corrections Department is still underway. GRW is leading the design for this approximately $130-million, two-phase, design-build project to be situated on a 19-acre property adjacent to the existing 1980s-era jail near downtown Pensacola, FL.

Mechanically the Building is quite Interesting.The Space is heated and cooled with Hydronic Heating cooling using VAV boxes with Reheat. It feature 3- 475 ton Chiller from Trane with an n+1 configuration arranged in Parallel and 1-170 ton DHRC ( Dedicated Heat Recovery Chiller), 3 Cooling towers (TowerTech) worth 930 GPM each ( n+1 config) and 4-3800 MBH Boilers from Riello.

Of the 20 Custom Air-handlers (Trane), 1 of them is a Completley OA Handling Unit. 2 of the Units have very high OA% due to having medical spaces within them (therby having to be designed in accordance with ASHRAE 170). This included some tricky design of Oxygen Storage Room and Isolation Ward (with Fast acting valves to maintain Pressure Relation). The Building also Included Gyms

Being a Federal Prison the facility has to be designed to achieve at-least the LEED Silver Rating. Lots of innovative Design choices are being used like Condensate to Cooling Tower Water Recovery, DHRC loop for both Hot Water and Domestic Hot Water Loop, ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) for Exhaust Stream and other Standard best Practices for an Energy Efficient facility of this magnitude.

Being my First Project this entire endeavor has been Really Interesting. I initially Started off working on the loads of the building on Carrier HAP. This involved Code review of the FBC (Florida Building Code) and ASHRAE 62.1. After comparing with the OPR and Room DataSheet the Loads were completed. Then I was put in Charge of Equipment Selection like Unit Heaters, FCU, Chillers, Boilers and AHU’s. Being a Design Build the process of selecting equipments was much easier as I already knew the accepted Equipment Vendors. Once Preliminary Selection were done, I went back to checking the Construction Documents for Errors, Correcting Static Pressure Issues in both Water and Air Systems etc. I am also working on the LEED Documentation of the project. This has been a really exciting project to work on. The project will drag on for a bit longer, however I am looking forward to the next project