Did you know – every day, 1.5 million square feet of building gets certified under the LEED rating system. The number of international project registrations has more than doubled in the last 3 years. International projects made up 1/3rd of total registration in 2013. With presence in more than a 150 countries, LEED have had a significant impact on the built environment. LEED v4- the latest version of LEED comes with a lot of changes and you will want to be sure you’re up to speed! Join us as Learning Hub @GBRI presents “21 Things You Should Know About LEED v4 and How does it affect you?”, GBRI’s first ever course delivered in dynamic Prezi format! Take advantage of the handouts and make notes as our experts walk you through the most important changes with the new version of LEED in a progressive manner, starting with the basic changes and leaving you with a deeper and more thorough understanding of the new system. In conclusion, we will identify how the new LEED v4 will affect green building professionals and share the future outlook and advice from subject matter experts and industry leaders.


  1. Examine why the new LEED V4 BD+C rating system is needed in the industry now and how it was developed.
  2. Understand what has changed and remained the same with previous versions of LEED compared to v4.
  3. Analyze the impact categories and system goals as well as allocation of points for the LEED BD+C rating system.
  4. Understand the concept of integrated process as it applies to professionals and projects seeking LEED v4.0 certification.